Prayer Request

We have finished Romans and are about to begin 1 Samuel. I want to thank you for joining me daily as we walk through Scripture devotionally. Today, I want you to know that I am praying for you. If you have any specific requests, please feel free to share those using the contact form or by commenting on this post.

I have a special prayer request as well. First, for the church, the Bride of Christ. There are many who have forsaken the true Gospel and my heart breaks for them. There are also many local congregations who have remained faithful by God’s grace and I am thankful for them.

Second, for my wife and me. We are striving to discern God’s direction for our lives as we look for a pastoring opportunity. Our hearts have changed so much in the past year, and we thank God for that. We are even considering church planting (which is not something I ever wanted to do). Please pray specifically about the prospect of church-planting. We already know of an area with great need and have a few people in that area who also desire to plant a church biblically and for God’s glory alone.

Be sure to subscribe to this blog and at I am thankful for the hundreds of you who participate weekly here and on social media. Soli Deo Gloria. Or, as Bach would sign each of his compositions, S.D.G.


Published by: Andrew Paul Cannon

Andrew is the lead pastor at The Church at Sunsites. He is dedicated to expository preaching, building up the saints, training leaders, and desires to serve his community and the world for Christ's glory. Be sure to connect with Andrew, subscribe to his blog, podcast, and read his books.

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